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Lip RipperZ, Inc’s mission is to give anglers the finest tools necessary to chase down those elusive fish that haunt their dreams at night and further transforming the known term of fishing into catching. Our vision is to become a recognized leader in the fishing tackle industry while maintaining our morals, ethics, good business practices, and most of all, keeping our integrity in everything we say or do. We strive not only for future company growth, but also to positively enroll others into our lives as we procede to do so. Through great customer service and the creation of endless possibilities to keep our company young, fresh, interesting and different, we are excited to say the sky is no longer the limit, there is no limit. Lip RipperZ is now available at over 1,200 store locations nationwide, including retail chains such as Walmart, Big 5, Sport Chalet, Turner’s Outdoorsman, K Mart, and Bass Pro Shops. Check out our store locator page to find a store near you.


Fishing quickly became an obsession for CEO, Bryan Friedman.

At 10, he was casting for trout at Santa Ana River Lakes almost every weekend.

“I wasn’t allowed to fish during the week because I was addicted to it,” Friedman said.

Now 29, Friedman is throwing his line into the bait and tackle industry with his Brea-based company, Lip Ripperz, Inc.

Friedman started making tackle out of his garage 10 years ago as a way to pay for his hobby. Now, his plastic worms and jigs are sold at over 1,200 locations nationwide. Major retailers include Walmart, Kmart, Big 5 and Turner’s Outdoorsman.

During the winter trout season, Lip RipperZ holds fishing tournaments twice a month at Santa Ana River Lakes.

 Q. How did you develop your early products and how did you know they would work?

A. Just growing up fishing. We used to go up to the Eastern Sierras a lot and just go trout fishing. And based on whatever w liked and whatever colors we liked to fish with, those are the colors that we came out with. If we liked a certain pattern, we would create that pattern. If we liked a certain type of lure, we would take that lure and make it even better.

Q. What is Lip Ripperz’ most popular product?

A. We have about eight different product lines now and we try to come out with a new product line every year. Our latest product line is the Hatchery Dust. And that’s just been our bread and butter. We have it in about 1,000 locations just in the past eight months. So it’s our baby. Everything has, you know, sold well. But this is the fun one and … has really opened the doors to everything.

Q. How did you develop Hatchery Dust?

A. We’ve always wanted to fish with a hatchery pellet, and it’s just impossible to do. I mean you just can’t stick it on a hook, unless you glued it, but that’s just not happening. We were sitting down there thinking, and we were like, ‘Wow, everybody uses Dough Bait … what if there was a way to somehow coat it?’ So what we did was we took out all of the filler ingredients of a hatchery pellet …we took out all of that stuff and we only kept the ingredients that pertain to the trout’s smell and taste. If you wanted to crush up hatchery pellets it would probably work, but this is the super-charged version of that.

Q. You started out selling to a lot of local fishing shops. How has your business changed now that you are selling to larger retailers?

A. It’s crazy. It’s a jump that we’ve always dreamed of and we’ve finally done it. And it’s just really been the biggest blessing in the world because now we can actually do a lot of the things that we’ve always wanted to do. Like these events every two weeks, you know, now we can do things like that. Other product lines that we needed to pursue, you know, we can finally do that. So it’s just opened a lot of doors to really opening the company and expanding.